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Everything you need to know about Web Design and Development and beyond. From SEO to UX / UI to your strategic website planning. And if you're missing something, do let me know and I'll write it up!

SEO Optimization Checklist

Get a thorough understanding of the technical side when it comes to SEO optimization for both, on-page and off-page SEO.

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UX done right

To provide a good user journey takes empathy. And a good understanding of your target audience. Read about do's and don'ts here.

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Strategic Website Planning

Strategically planning your new website requires a couple of crucial steps: a deep dive into business goals, definition of USPs and identification of an ICP.

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Keyword Research Done Right

From keyword research over search volumes to putting together the final content. And the tools to use along the way.

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Why SEO is so important

Optimizing your website is crucial to your business success. Because, let's face it, ranking high on Google is a major factor to your brand visibility. So let's dive in and get you some traffic to your website.

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