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I firmly believe that everyone should have a strong website for their business. Whether or not you can be found online and convince potential clients of your products or services makes all the difference to your business success. Let me support you with that.


We start with you telling me everything I need to know about your business. What is it that you sell or offer, who is your target customer and what is your USP? We will take the time to create a customer persona, which is crucial for the website to attract and speak to the desired audience.

Another point will be to talk about your goal as a business. This might seem straightforward, but I am aiming for something more nuanced than simply generating more sales. This is specifically important, because it impacts what is it that people need to know or believe to choose you? Last but not least we will talk about your brand strategy, identity and vision.


Once we have this foundation I am ready to transform all of the information into a first wireframe of a design. This won't be 100% accurate to the final website, but we will have a solid visualization of what it is we will be working on. It is basically a skeleton, a first proposal towards the final design.

At this point we will have a close look into the right colors, imagery and fonts, as well as the overall structure of the website. How does it all work together? Do we need to readjust somewhere? Do we feel like the customer has an easy and intuitive user journey and - best-case scenario - will enjoy going through this website? Also important: do we have the content we need already at hand?


In this last step I will walk you through the technical side of things. This involves training on the CMS system, so you can find your way around without my assistance and make quick adjustments yourself. We will also talk about SEO optimization and the right set of keywords for your website to maximize traffic from organic search.

Last but not least we will talk about Google Analytics and your Cookie Consent Management System as well as your privacy policy. Obviously I am in no position to provide legal counseling, but I can offer a good understanding of the next steps in this matter. And done! You now have a beautiful, high-performing website that your audience will love!

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But it doesn't seem to perform? No problem. I'm happy to help you analyse the status quo and walk you through all the little things that make a difference to your website performance.

Then, it's up to you whether you want to update and optimize said factors yourself or rather have me do it. Either way, we'll make sure your website will bring you the traffic you deserve.

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